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Discover Healing and Unlock Your Potential
Your Path to Growth and Inner Freedom Begins Here 

Do you ever feel trapped in cycles that prevent you from reaching your full potential? Are you eager to liberate yourself from the grip of self-limiting or self defeating thoughts and emotions? We are dedicated to working with you on a unique and transformative journey to unlock your best life.
If previous therapies haven't met your needs, we offer a fresh, personalized approach that could be just what you're looking for. Let's make a difference!

Welcome to Sunflower Mental Health and Wellbeing, your gateway to personal growth and overall well-being. Our mission is to create a nurturing safe space where individuals can express themselves freely and be compassionately understood without judgment. Beyond merely alleviating symptoms, our focus is on aiding each person in healing their concealed wounds, reclaim their function, rediscovering their authentic selves, and flourishing as they were meant to.

Empower Your Growth and Unlock Your Potential with the Science of Psychotherapy—Break Free from Life Traps Today

We understand that seeking professional mental health support can be daunting, but we are here to ensure you feel comfortable and safe throughout your therapeutic journey. Together, we will work towards discovering a brighter, more vital version of yourself. Your well-being journey starts right here.

We are delivering trauma informed individualised therapy which is designed to guide you through a transformative journey, starting with a deep understanding of your strengths, challenges and life traps to map out your path to growth. With the development of the self awareness, we'll then guide you through an experiential and emotional exploration, using advanced techniques to help you embrace your authentic self by healing the deeply-rooted wounds, breaking the long-standing life traps and reshaping your internal structure. As you gain emotional liberation and profound insights, we'll equip you with practical tools to translate your new perspectives into daily actions, seamlessly integrating positive change into your life. To ensure your progress remains strong and your growth continues, we'll develop a personalized maintenance plan, supporting you long after the therapy sessions end.

A broad therapy modalities are applied in our individualised therapies, which include schema therapy, ACT, DBT, CBT, EFT, EMDR, mindfulness, three phased trauma treatment, trauma stabilization, psychodynamic therapy, somatic approach. No one-size-fits-all approach works for everyone. We will work together to create a pathway tailored specifically for you.

About Me

Snow / Lijuan Chen   

AMHSW/Psychotherapist/ ISST Certified  Schema Therapist

Welcome to Sunflower Mental Health and Wellbeing, where passion meets expertise in the realm of mental wellness. I'm Snow Chen, an accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Certified Chinese Psychological Consultant dedicated to guiding individuals through the intricate journey of overcoming complex trauma and finding true liberation.

Personal Journey

My odyssey in psychology began in 2010, driven by a profound desire to understand and heal the deep-rooted wounds of complex trauma and break the life traps. Having experienced the suffocating grip of maladaptive life traps first-hand, I embarked on a transformative quest that led me to break free from the people-pleasing cycle and embrace a life filled with profound contentment.

Professional Evolution

With a background in psychological consultancy and extensive training in psychodynamic therapy , Schema Therapy, EMDR, EFT, etc. I have honed my expertise in treating C-PTSD, personality disorders, anxiety and chronic depression. My commitment to empowering individuals stems from a belief in the transformative power of authentic self, true potential and personalized care.

Holistic Approach

Drawing inspiration from both Eastern philosophies and Western modalities, my practice embodies a humanistic, person-centered approach to therapy. I have had the training in broad modalities, such as DBT, ACT, CBT, EFT, Mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy, Hypnosis psychotherapy, etc. I am passionate in schema therapy, EMDR and EFT.  I believe in the inherent resilience and wisdom within each individual, guiding them towards self-discovery and genuine well-being.

Mission Statement

Quoting Allen Ginsberg, "We are all golden sunflowers inside." It is my heartfelt mission to illuminate the path towards healing and self-discovery, empowering individuals to reconnect with their authentic selves and blossom into their full potential. If you seek a compassionate guide to walk with you through the shadows towards the light, I am here to embark on this thriving journey alongside you.




I.P.H Psychotherapist


(Certified Clinical Trauma Professional)

CCATP ( Certified Anxiety Treatment Professional)

sunflower pic.jpg

Story of the Name, Sunflower

I have a profound admiration for flowers, especially sunflowers. Sunflowers are remarkable in their ability to unfailingly turn their faces toward the sun, regardless of the challenges they face. Regardless of your favorite flower, each of us is inherently beautiful. However, when life becomes difficult, the seed of our authentic selves can become obscured or obstructed. Without the proper care and nourishment, we may lose our way in the journey to stand tall and face the sun. I aspire to embody the spirit of a sunflower, radiating a vibrant smile and a colorful presence to brighten your day, helping to unblock your authentic self to flourish. Irrespective of your flower preference, remember that you are born to blossom.


I firmly believe in the inherent self-energy and the wisdom that every individual possesses from birth. My practice is significantly influenced by the principles of Self Psychology and Attachment theory. I hold the conviction that the humanism of a clinician and the quality of the therapeutic relationship far outweigh specific skills. If you are seeking to work with an experienced clinician who genuinely offers compassion and empathy, we warmly invite you to our Sunflower healing harbour.

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