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How to make a referral

Self referral

For self referral, please call on 0426851396 or email

Referrals from doctors and other professionals

Please email or fax the referral letter and mental health treatment plan(if applicable) to: or fax  via 82714421

Once we receive your referral, we will contact your patient within 48 hours to introduce our service and discuss the appointment arrangement. We will email/fax you a referral acknowledgement letter once confirming with your patient. Please let your patient know we will contact them or they can contact us if they prefer. 


Full Fee-Paying Patients

For each standard session, at this current stage, we charge a fee of $230 well below AASW guided rate of $270. 

For group session, $240 per group per 60 minutes.  Maximum 6 persons in one group. 

For couple session, $300 for 60 minutes. 

For supervision, $200 per session. Please ask me for courtesy discount if it could help you start the PD journey.

How to use medicare rebate?

Currently all Australians with a valid Mental Health Care Plan are eligible to access 10 initial Medicare funded  appointments in a calendar year.   We are not funded service so we just reserve limited spots to offer reduced fee for the clients who are referred from specific resource, holding a valid health care card and Mental Health Treatment Plan. And the patient will need to provide their payment details as part of our cancellation policy. Please contact us for more details.

How much are your gap fees for Medicare Rebate/other insurance?

Your gap fee is depending on your eligibility of Medicare rebate or other  Private Health Funds, NDIS, Work Cover, Teacher's Fund and DVA. For example, $82.3 Medicare rebate provided for a standard f2f session, the rest will be the gap fee. 

For other private health fund, please check with your insurance provider. 

Need More Information?

If you want to know more about Mental Health Treatment plan, please refer to the information released by The General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration.  At this website you will find information and templates.  Please go to the following link GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. 

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